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Keep many benefits of pay per click advertising without dealing with click fraud.
Instantly create and edit your account and advertisements.
View the highest competing bid so that you can outbid your competitor.
Save time and energy with our simple and straightforward interface.
Access real time statistics tracking the number of times each one of your ads has been clicked/viewed.
Have your ads appear on the results pages of all 6 search engines in the FyberSearch network.
Take a look at this screenshot to see where your advertisements will be located.
Setup New Ad
Keep reading for more details...

Getting Started

1. Setup an advertisement. The initial ad setup and account creation are free.
2. Login to your account and use your credit card or paypal to add advertising funds to your account (unless you already have).
3. Click on the "campaign overview" link, locate your new advertisement in the list of ads and then click on the "edit" link next to it.
4. Enter the date you want your ad to expire and the amount of money you want to pay for each month it is active (2.00/mo min, see below for pricing details).

Cost Details & Ad Placement

Our advertising program is based on a monthly bidding system.
This system allows advertisers to select how long their ads are shown to the public and how much they want to pay for their ads to be displayed that long (2.00/mo min).
The higher an advertiser bids on their ad the higher it appears over ads competing for the same trigger word. If there are no competitors then there is no reason to bid more than the 2.00/mo minimum.
Changes to ads are made in real time and advertisers are allowed to raise and lower the expiration dates and monthly bids of their ads. If they do the appropriate funds will be subtracted or added to their accounts.
Example: An advertiser creates an ad triggered by the words "online marketing" that expires in 6 weeks with 2.00/mo bid. The total cost is 3.00, which is immediately deducted from their account. In a few days the same advertiser lowers the expiration date of the same ad by 4 weeks and 2.00 is immediately added to their account.

Setup New Ad
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